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960 Grid System layout tools and code sure to save design & development time

960 Grid SystemNathan Smith has launched, a very promising framework and design toolset for layout using CSS. Besides a great foundation of code for implementing a flexible grid system, he’s created accompanying templates for sketching preliminary designs on paper and wireframing detailed designs in Visio, OmniGraffle, Fireworks, and/or Photoshop. As with any Nathan Smith endeavor, this kit is very well thought-out and executed. He’s considered many details and implemented them thoroughly.

If you’re looking to cut down development time while sketching, wireframing, or coding hi-fi prototypes in HTML, Nathan’s work in the is sure to be a great starting point.

Read more about the whys and hows in Nathan’s explanatory post on, and download the framework (only 180KB for all the tools, only 4KB of actual code code compressed) at,

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Spring MIS 374 Lecture

I was thrilled that Sharon Dunn asked me to visit the 40 Acres to lecture the Spring MIS 374 class on High-Fidelity Prototypes again. The talk was basically the same as the one I delivered in the Fall, so I won’t waste disk space or bandwidth in posting a re-run. While the students didn’t have as many questions during the talk, there were several after class and many more through email.

I really enjoy sharing this talk and am considering working up a few others based on the questions that have come up after. I sure hope Eleanor and Sharon will have me back again next year.

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Posted by on March 24, 2008 in prototyping