Navigator Acquired by Hitachi Consulting

06 Feb

So, the conversation I have had with several friends lately regarding Navigator’s aquisition goes like this:

Me: Navigator was bought last week. Now I work for Hitachi Consulting.

Firend: Hitachi? Don’t they make harddrives and TVs? Can you get me an HDTV? 

Yes, they are the same company, but it’s a very big company (think the GE of Japan, they are both very diversified). Hitachi Consulting is a global consultancy that’s the services division of the Hitachi parent company. They now have offices worldwide with bases of operation in Japan, the US, and Europe

I’m excited that Navigator is now part of Hitachi Consulting. We’re contributing our depth of experience in Business Intelligence and Content Management to Hitachi’s larger national presence and broader consulting services. I know it sounds cliche, but it really is a win-win-win for Navigator, Hitachi Consulting, and our collective clients. Read the full press release at the Navigator website.

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