06 Apr

The switch is in progress …

MacBook ProI purchased a MacBook Pro today and I’m in the process of moving in. If you follow my “noteworthy” feed, you’ll know that I was just waiting for the Windows XP dual-boot (or even better VM-ware like) solution to become more stable than a hack. Anyone interested in such things has seen the promising news on both fronts. The ultimate goal is to use a MacBook Pro at home and at work in the Windows-dominated environment of my clients.

So tonight I am just getting settled in on the Mac side; setting up email, moving my iTunes library, and installing all the essential applications. Then this weekend, I’ll take on evaluating the differences between Boot Camp (the dual boot option direct from Apple) and Parallels (the WM-ware option from third-party Parallels). In a perfect world WM-ware would be great as I could live in OSX and just tab out to Windows when I needed to. But I’ve read about performance issues in Parallels (which makes sense). And I have less confidence in a beta from a third-party than I do in a beta from Apple.

I’ll post my findings this weekend. But there’s no need to wait for me. There’s lots of folks out there that have done this testing already.

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