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21 Apr

I’ve had “write post on elements of visual design” on my “someday/maybe” list for the past two months now. After a visit with Glenn a few weeks ago I decided to elevate it to a new project.

Writing that post now would be redundant considering Mike Rundle’s article published last week on Vitamin. I’ve used Robin William’s C.A.R.P. (or other memorable anagram of those four letters) for years when teaching developers and clients about the basic elements of visual design. It’s an easy means to understand why effictive designs work.

I recommend reading Mike’s article if you are a developer. It’s a good overview of the four basic elements. Using these principles in your own form and screen layouts will increase the value of both form and function.

I might still write a short series that goes a little more in depth on each. But for now, it’s back on the someday/maybe list.

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