Genius + Brilliant = Geniant

19 Jul

Last week was my last at Hitachi Consulting. I started at Geniant on Monday, and I am very excited to be here.

This was a gut-wrenching decision that kept me up many nights over the past several months. The people at Navigator (now Hitachi Consulting) have been truly wonderful to work with. The intelligence, work ethic, integrity, and fun that this group has surpasses any employer or client I have worked for before. There are too many co-workers and clients to name (well, the friends list at the right is a good start) that I am proud to have worked with while at there Navigator.

So why leave? The gig at Geniant will provide more opportunities for me to work on UI-specific projects with many talented UI designers and developers. It’s a chance for me to follow some specific goals I have for growing as a UI consultant.

As I get settled in at Geniant, I’ll likely be posting more about UI ideas and experiences here on my blog (yeah, actions speak louder than words, I know). I hope you’ll stop by the website once in a while, or better yet, subscribe to the feed in your favorite news aggregator

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